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Community Choice Aggregation
for PA Boroughs

The CCA Borough Model will contribute to protecting local economy, natural resources, and community health.

The Power of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) CCA enables local governments to choose electricity provider(s) for their constituents, at no cost. With CCA, PA Boroughs can purchase electricity on behalf of all residents and small businesses within their jurisdiction. Residents and local businesses can opt-out of the Borough CCA at any time, for free.


CCA will allow PA Boroughs to:

• Accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

• Negotiate the source of energy generation.

• Use bulk buying power to decrease energy cost through the wholesale energy markets.

• Create energy price stability (as opposed to fossil fuel instability).

• Enhance competitiveness and support local clean energy job creation.

• Protect constituents from predatory energy sales practices.


10 States have authorized CCA, generating 2-20% savings nationwide (source: LEAN*). When combined with solar, CCA provides more energy price stability and lower pricing, versus what consumers can negotiate on their own. In New York for example, 150+ municipalities representing 3.2 million people have already adopted CCA. And 80-90% of NY residents from opt-out CCA municipalities have been moved to clean energy. In contrast, 1-5% of residents in municipalities without CCA, switch to clean energy.

* The Local Energy Aggregation Network (LEAN) is a nonprofit aiming to expand Community Choice Aggregation across the USA.

Watch our last Webinar below:

CCA for PA Boroughs | Zoom Recording | July 2022

Pennsylvanians Want More Local Renewable Energy:

CCA is featured in: Pennsylvania's Climate Action Plan, Philadelphia’s Energy Vision, West Chester Council of Governments Energy Transition Plan, and Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan as a “high-value implementable action” to accelerate renewable energy adoption and protect PA natural resources. The SolSmart Program Guide also encourages local governments to incorporate CCA.


47 PA towns, representing 2.5 million Pennsylvanians have passed resolutions to use 100% renewable energy for their facilities and fleets. CCA will enable these Ready For 100* communities to attain their renewable energy goals, well beyond purchases of renewable power for merely their own municipal facilities.

*As part of the Sierra Club’s campaign, Ready For 100 communities signed a local resolution to transition to 100% clean energy.

73% of Pennsylvanians support renewable

(solar, wind, and hydro) electricity generation.

(Source: Vote Solar Poll Results, 2022)

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1. Schedule a working or public session to better understand how the CCA model works for your Borough.

    - The CCA for PA Working Group will meet with you to address CCA specific to your Borough.


2. Introduce a resolution to explore CCA for your Borough at a Borough Council meeting.

    - Form an exploratory committee;

    - Collaborate with CCA for PA, to understand the details on CCA for your Borough.


3. Select a Program Administrator to assist with the remaining steps and operation of the CCA program.

    - Does not commit the Borough;

    - Authorizes the Program Administrator to present Supplier contract options on behalf of the Borough.

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