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Help Pass "Community Choice Aggregation"
Legislation in Pennsylvania

Send your legislators a Letter of Support based on the template below!

Personalize it and write it by hand, if possible.



Dear [Your Legislator's title and name], 


My name is [your name], your constituent from [your municipality or county]. 

I seek your support to draft legislation enabling our communities in Pennsylvania to exercise our constitutional right to choose clean energy and to generate economic development for residents and small businesses to improve our quality of life by participating in a Home Rule Community Choice Aggregation ("CCA") program.  

CCA will allow participating communities to purchase electricity on behalf of all consumers and businesses within its jurisdiction. CCA is an optional tool that gives additional choice and control to municipalities. Participating communities will be able to negotiate the source of energy generation and use bulk buying power to save consumers money. CCA is voluntary, residents or businesses can opt-out at any time, for free. PA businesses will also benefit from the energy price stability CCA can bring, enhancing competitiveness and supporting job creation. Additionally, CCA can empower communities to transition to renewable energy and decrease energy costs which disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.  

For these and other compelling economic, environmental and energy independence reasons, multiple PA Towns, Cities and Counties representing over 2.4 million Pennsylvanians have passed resolutions to utilize 100% Renewable energy for their facilities and vehicle fleets. CCA is a powerful tool in attaining these Ready for 100% goals and improving air quality in PA counties with ‘non-attainment’ ratings.

Ten States have authorized CCA, with Maryland starting their CCA Pilot in 2023. We want CCA too. Pennsylvania’s 2018 Climate Action Plan, Philadelphia’s Energy Vision, West Chester Council of Governments Energy Transition Plan, Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan and numerous other PA towns and counties identify CCA as a “high value implementable action” to protect Pennsylvania’s natural resources. 

To protect and preserve Pennsylvania’s economy and natural resources, to improve our health and environment, I urge you to draft, introduce and work across the aisle to pass CCA Pilot legislation under PA Home rule to enable our communities to participate in a CCA program. 



[Your name] 

[Your title]

[Your home address]

[Your email address]

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